Bacon Of The Month Club – Did Somebody Say Bacon?

Who doesn’t love some bacon? There are so many different kinds of bacon that you may be overwhelmed. It’s just so good and tasty. Well if that’s how you feel then you may want to check out the bacon of the month club.

Yes, there is such an awesome thing as a club for bacon. What in the world are you talking about you may be asking. Well it’s really pretty simple. When you join the bacon of the month club around the 15th of the month they send you a new shipment of bacon.

When you join the club all that you have to do is either allow them to send you whatever type of bacon they want or you can pick which kind you want to come each month. If you are someone that likes a surprise you should let them pick. If you do not like surprises just set it up with your favorites and watch the bacon of the month club work it’s magic.

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