MoDot – Lane Closures That Will Affect You

How come when MoDot comes up with solutions it just seems like it’s something that makes our lives more difficult? When you hear they are doing something new you just close your eyes and wish for the best. Well this time it may not affect you too much but that depends on what you work schedule is. What is MoDot up to now?

The Missouri Department of Transportation is going to close two lanes which are on westbound hwy 40-61. This is going to be at the Daniel Boone Bridge which is over the Missouri River. These closures are going to happen Thursday and Friday nights. MoDot is doing this because of expansion joint repairs.

You are going to find the two left lanes closed at 9 pm on Thursday Dec 16 as well as Friday Dec 17. The lanes are supposed to be reopened by 5 am the next day. Hopefully it won’t put too big of a hiccup in your plans. MoDot says that the whole roadway might have to be closed up to 15 minutes long during some parts of these days.

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