What’s Wrong With Facebook: Is Facebook Down

How frustrated were you when facebook went down today? Even though it was only 5 minutes, I found myself trying to access my messages with no success! I was quite frustrated as I tried over and over again as apparently so did many other users. I was right in there asking “what’s wrong with facebook?”

So what really happened and why were so many people not able to get into facebook and access their information? It wasn’t a big deal, Facebook actually opted to take a little bit of down time so that they could do some updates to their interface. When they were trying to do the updates some of the internal prototypes were made accessible to the public so they had to take the site down. This is what had people asking “What’s wrong with facebook”?

Many people get their entertainment from Facebook as well as the social networking side of things. When the site went down for a mere 5 minutes there seemed to be almost panic with some people in various areas. Everyone was in a tizzy trying to find out what was going on. Now you know the answer to “What’s wrong with facebook?”


  1. Life before FB says:

    I have a facebook account and use it to keep in touch with some friends around the world. Fair enough.

    But what really bothers me is that so many people have become completely dependant on a social networking site which they use to talk to friends who live on the block.

    I remember my life before the facebook revolution and I did ok, I spoke to people on the phone or actually went out with them. I socialised.

    So I’m glad facebook had a blip because it’s highlighted how sad we’ve become as a society, and even if it was only for five minutes, I’m happy that I was given a break from “***** has a hangover!”

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