Provo Tabernacle – Hit By Fire

Around 2:30 am fire crews responded to a fire at the Provo tabernacle. By the morning time the main section of the roof was collapsed. The flames and heavy smoke came billowing out from the structure which was still burning. The Provo tabernacle is a historic building and many are very upset to hear about this fire damage.

provo tabernacleThe Provo tabernacle was built in the 1880s and the National register of historic places has it listed on it’s list. This has been a spot that has been frequented by many tourists over the years. Many people make this a must stop on their trips through the area. Can the Provo tabernacle with it’s beautiful light red bricks be saved?

The situation looks pretty hopeless, almost the whole structure was destroyed. Officials have contained the fire but are still not certain if the building can be saved. Many concerts, wedding and other important events have been held here. Many memories went up in flames as the Provo tabernacle burned in Provo, Utah.

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