Eric Braeden – Dubbed A D-Dag

When you’ve got twitter you are going to see it all that is for sure. Neil Patrick Harris was sure to tell us how he felt via twitter after actor Eric Braeden got under his skin.If you are going to make NPH mad you better look out or he might get you too. In his tweet he calls Eric Braeden a D-bag.

I might have been mad at him as well I would have to say. The actor was scheduled to come on the show How I Met Your Mother and then at the last minute he was like yeah, nevermind. It is said that he told them just the night before that the role was not substantial enough. Come on Eric Braeden who do you really think you are?

Eric Braeden was set to play Robin Scherbatsky, Sr again on How I Met Your Mother. He had played the role on a 2008 episode and had agreed to appear again. This kind of left the show in a tight spot. They decided that they would recast and instead of using Eric Braeden they would use Ray Wise.

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