40 Year Old Virgin Stabbing – Actor Sentenced To Life

Talk about celebrities gone crazy. Actor Shelley Malil was arrested for allegedly trying to murder his ex girlfriend Kendra Beebe by stabbing her over 20 times. Malil claimed he thought it was her male friend coming up from behind in the dark as his defense. The 40 year old virgin stabbing was a big surprise to many people.

Malil has been sentenced to life in prison in California. It is said that he has a chance for parole in 9 years but do we really want him out roaming the streets after going crazy and stabbing a woman 20 times. If it would have maybe stabbed her once I could have believed it was an accident but not 20 times. This event will forever go down as the 40 year old virgin stabbing.

Initially Malil pleaded innocent to the crime that he committed. In the end however Malil said that he was willing to take what he had coming so that he could make things right. I don’t think that this is the last that we have heard from actor Shelley Malil. We most likely will see more about the 40 year old virgin stabbing in the news.

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