LAPD Grim Sleeper – Latest Developments

There has been a lot going on since the release of the grim sleeper photos. It seems that the police have been getting 100s of calls and tips from various sources. The police say there are phone calls, emails and even texts coming it to give tips about the various women pictured. The LAPD Grim Sleeper is doomed to jail time.

The attorney of Lonnie Franklin claims that the release of the photos was done in an improper way. She claims that some of the photos which were taken are of his friends and family. Police tried to contact family to ask them to take out photos of family and friend but they have gotten no response. Right now Lonnie Franklin is the only suspect they have for the LAPD Grim Sleeper

Lonnie Franklin’s attorney claims there is now very little chance that he will be able to get a fair trial. All of the information that is buzzing around about him makes it very difficult to find a jurry without a premeditated opinion. There is much speculation as to what is going to happen next. All that matters to the public is that the LAPD Grim Sleeper is put behind bars.

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