Mega Millions Winning Numbers – Elusive As Ever

Who wouldn’t want to bring home the bacon the easy way this holiday season? There are plenty of people that are playing the lottery in hopes of getting out of the rat race. Many people throw a few bucks in and hope that they can get the perfect number for a win of over 145M! Will someone get the mega millions winning numbers?

There are only two drawings left before Christmas. You can be sure that there are people asking Santa for a special word or wisdom while buying their ticket. Anyone who got the perfect ticket last night would have been able to get 120M cold hard cash. The prize money is still growing and it up to 145M for the mega millions winning numbers.

This is the largest jackpot since May. Everyone wants to get in on a piece of the action so this just pushes the jackpot higher and higher. There were a few people that came close to hitting it but fell just short of the goal. There were two players living in New Jersey that just missed the Mega ball but had all the other mega millions winning numbers.

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