Spirit Airlines pilots go on strike

Spirit Airlines Strike 2010 began today, June 12, and marks the date of the first U.S. passenger carrier strike in almost five years. Pilots walked off the job Saturday morning when new contract term negotiations seemed to have reached an impasse. The strike caused some major inconveniences when the day’s flights out of LaGuardia and Atlantic City were canceled. The pilot union’s main beef was for Spirit Airlines pilots to be compensated the same amount of money as pilots flying for Airtran and JetBlue.

spirit airlines pilots strike

The Spirit Airlines Strike 2010 deadline was officially at 12:01 a.m., however negotiations continued on through the late night hours. Apparently no agreement was reached resulting in pilot picketers on Saturday morning. The Air Line Pilots Association, the pilot union with over 50,000 members, is in support of the estimated 500 Spirit pilots on strike. Spirit executives did lay a package on the table, but obviously it was not enough to appease the Spirit pilots.

Spirit offered a package that would have resulted in an estimated cost to the airline of about $70 million dollars. The package would have provided pilots a 4-day break between trips, a 30% salary increase over a 5 year period, and a signing bonus of $3000. The airline executives are not very happy their pilots rejected what they consider to be a reasonable offer in an attempt to compromise, choosing instead to disrupt service to thousands of Spirit customers and jeopardize the jobs of more than 2000 employees by moving forward with the Spirit Airlines Strike 2010.

Spirit Airline will process refunds for ticket holders of canceled flights and as a good faith measure give customers $100 future flight credits. Ticket holders wishing to check flight cancellations and availability can visit Spirit Air for more information.

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