Veronica Daniels – Take My Face Off The Balls

If you thought that you have heard everything then you will have to think again. A company called Creative Classics has put Veronica Daniels’ face and the other 11 women faces that had affairs with Tiger Woods on commemorative golf balls. The artist renderings are actually quite good. Veronica Daniels is not happy about this at all.

She is fine with being paid to have sex on camera but not having her face on a golf ball? In case you didn’t know Veronica Daniels working (porn star) name is Joslyn James. She wasn’t ashamed to let everyone see her naked and having sex but somehow these balls worry her. Veronica Daniels and her attorney tell Creative Classics – take my face off the balls.

She claims the reason that she does not want her face on the balls is because it could possibly be violent. She does not like the thought of someone hitting her face with a golf club. Come on seriously, they are not going to be hitting YOUR face, it’s just a drawing. Veronica Daniels and her attorney are working on legal ways to get the production and sales shut down.

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