John Madden : John Madden 2011 EA Sports Video Game

There are a lot of great presents that you could have under the tree but what do you really want? There are a lot of different answers that come out but there is a certain video game that has come out that you are sure to love if you are a football fan. There are many different people that you may want to buy it for or check it out for the future. John Madden is a legend and his sports video game is no different whatsoever.

When it comes to this John Madden game it seems like everyone is flocking to buy. The sales were up by 26% and analysts believe that they know why. The word or mouth promotion for number 10 seemed to be very favorable. The sales of John Madden 11 seems to reflect directly on that truth.

There are a lot of different deals that you can get out there right now. I know that Amazon and Walmart have some different promotions going on. You may want to check into the deals that they have. John Madden and the games are a great addition to any man cave.

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