Survivor Redemption Island

Just in case you didn’t know the survivor folks are changing things up again. There is something new and exciting and all survivor fans are trying to figure out just what is going on. When new rules come to the table things are going to change but will it be for the best? What is really going to go on with survivor redemption island?

Basically what is going to go on with survivor redemption island is that even after you get voted out of tribal council you do not go home. Instead of going home you go to the island. At some point during the game someone is supposed to join you. With survivor redemption island when someone comes there they duel you and the winner gets to stay.

Don’t think you get to go back after you’ve won the duel however. After winning the duel you continue living on the island with only the basics. At some point you are supposed to be allowed to reenter the game and fight for a chance to win the money. I am very excited to see this when survivor redemption island comes on in February 2011.

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