Lunar Eclipse Tonight

Do you want to do something fun tonight? There are some interesting things going on in the skies. Something is going to happen tonight that has not happened all year. There is going to be a full lunar eclipse tonight.

That’s right, the lunar eclipse tonight is the only one of 2010. There are going to be many people out taking a look at the sky tonight and if the weather permits it’s going to be a great sight. If you are wondering when and where the East cost is going to see it Tuesday morning early and the West cost is going to see it late tonight (Monday). Make sure you find out what time you need to look for the lunar eclipse tonight.

One of these great events take place when the sun, moon and earth are aligned perfectly with the earth in the middle. This is what allows us to see the eclipse in all of it’s beauty. I am sure there will be many videos and pictures online by tomorrow but who wants to miss the real thing? Keep your eyes open for the lunar eclipse tonight.

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