Lisa Robin Kelly: DUI

You may not remember this name since she really wasn’t extremely famous. Eric Foreman’s older sister was arrested for DUI. She was driving under the influence in North Carolina. Lisa Robin Kelly has since pled guilty to driving while intoxicated.

Lisa Robin Kelly was mysteriously replaced after season 5. Now we find out that she was arrest for drunk driving in North Carolina. This is a big fall from being on television to spending the night behind bars. Who would have guessed that Eric Foreman’s fun loving sister Lisa Robin Kelly would be behind bars for a driving drunk?

If she was anything like the character on that 70s show then it’s a surprise that she wasn’t behind bars even sooner. There is a mug shot photo floating around online and she doesn’t even look like the same girl that played on the show. Besides for a horrible hair day, running make up and most likely a nasty hang over she also had to pay a fine. This has been a rough year for Lisa Robin Kelly.

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