Obamacare: When Will The Madness Stop?

If you are like me then you are sick and tired of having all of this junk pushed on me. The way I see it, if I want health insurance I am going to get it. If I do not want it then I won’t get it. All of this Obamacare junk is just trying to take overthrow our right to choose.

Obamacare in short does not care. I really do not know what the goal of this whole plan is and have you seen the stack of papers that is this health care plan? I am almost certain that all of the people who signed didn’t even read half of it. Someone needs to do something about Obamacare but sadly enough I doubt anything will be able to be done until the new Presidential election.

There are still some people that are on Obama’s side on this issue but seriously there are not as many as when he was voted in. The grass sure looked greener on the other side but I guess that’s not the case after he’s been in office for a while. He’s running wild and really does not care what anyone else thinks. Obamacare should be regulated by people who actually care about what happens in America.

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