2010 Census Results

Well the results are in and there has been a lot of change since the Census ten years ago. A Census is required by law to be taken every 10 years. It seems that each time that a Census is taken however it gets more and more invasive. Everyone has been anxiously awaiting the 2010 Census results to see how many people actually filled out all of the extra information that went along with counting the numbers of people.

2010 census resultsBesides for counting the number of people that were in a household the 2010 Census results are also going to tell much more about the people that actually filled out the entire form. Questions such as race and relationship to other members of the household were asked as well. This information is supposed to be used so that the government and non profit organizations will be able to give funding to people who need it. Let’s go on and look at the actual 2010 Census results.

The US population of all states in America has come to a whopping 308,735,538 and in 2000 the results were 281,421,906 so that is some considerable growth. The most populous state of California has a population of 37,253,956 and coming in second place comes Texas with 25,145,561 people living in the state. There will surely be a lot of shifting in congress with the number of people that have moved around in the states. There is even talks of changing the cap on congress since the 2010 Census results.


  1. BayBay says:

    I like that the 2010 census take part’s in the government but i dont like that they ask questions

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