Peter Billingsley: Actor Of A Christmas Story

There are many times that child actors just fade into the background and finally end up working at some store in Hollywood being a has been. Almost every one can remember watching A Christmas Story. I mean who couldn’t remember the pink bunny suit? Where is actor Peter Billingsley now though?

Peter Billingsley hasn’t faded into the background totally. He may not be acting big roles but he has been involved with a lot of production work. He was even the executive producer for the amazing movie Iron Man. Peter Billingsley has a new project right now working on A Christmas Story the musical in Seattle.

It’s always good to see when people are still successful. Who would want to know that their favorite child hood star was out of a job? I am sure that he is going to have many more successful projects coming out. Maybe we will get to see a little bit more of Peter Billingsley on the big screen soon.

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