Beef O Bradys

Louisville VS Southern Miss game is tied at half time. The Golden Eagles are not going to hold their two-touchdown lead a long time in the first half. Bilal Powell has been playing through the pain since he sustained a nerve injury early in the game. He ran for 24 years on the first down of Louisville’s answer possession and the Cardinals gained a good amount of yards by getting 15 and 12 right after in the Beef O Bradys.

Shortly after all of this action Justin Burke hit Josh Chichester for a 9 yard touchdown. Louisville is trying to narrow the gap on the scoreboad but there was only five minutes remaining in the half. Everyone has been playing their heart out on the field and it sure has been a nail biter for the fans. The Beef O Bradys is certainly exciting this go around.

A little over a minute after the touchdown at the Beef O Bradys the Cardinals are back behind the ball because of a lucky break. A fumble is recovered by Antown Canady at the USM 27 and then Powell was able to run one in six yards. That’s all we have for right now as it is half time. There is a tie of 21 to 21 in St. Petersburg at the Beef O Bradys.

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