Keri Hilson No Boys Allowed Tracklist

If you want some great music then you sure know where to get it. The thing that I find extremely funny is that on this self proclaimed no boy tracklist there is actually going to be quite a few boys that are making an appearance. Chris Brown, J. Cole, Rick Ross and Kanye West are some of the boys that you are going to see. Keri Hilson no boys allowed tracklist is going to be hot!

Keri Hilson no boys allowed tracklist was released on Dec 21st and is available just about anywhere. She seems to be very excited to be working with all of these big name gorgeous guys but then who wouldn’t be? The fame and the fourtune definitely agrees with this girl. I would not be surprised if Keri Hilson no boys allowed tracklist was a major hit and quick.

This gorgeous and talented young girl signed with Timbaland’s record label back in 2006. You probably remember her singing along with the song “The Way I Are”. That was actually the first time that I heard her. That is sure a big jump from that to now Keri Hilson no boys allowed tracklist.

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