Skype Down: Skype Tweets About Being Down

Almost everyone either uses Skype or knows about Skype. This service is used by many people far and wide and has upset quite a few people with their technical problems. They ironically told people out their problem by using Twitter. I am not sure how long the problem will last and have Skype down.

If you are one of over 8 million people that use this service then I am sure that you are quite upset to have Skype down. Many people are pointing fingers and running around in circles as the service tries to get back online. Not only are the people that use Skype upset but also the people that work at Skype as they are running and rushing to get the service back online. Trust me they don’t want to have Skype down either.

Small business owners and their employees seem to be having quite a large problem and are incurring a lot of costs by the outage. There are many that are not afraid to be vocal about how dissatisfied they are. Many are wishing there was an alternative to this service. Even though this is a huge problem people, you have to remember it is not the end of the world to have Skype down.

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