World Cup 2010 German Robert Enke in loving memory

Sunday night’s World Cup 2010 game between Germany and Australia serves as a reminder of the tragic loss of Robert Enke last November. Enke, the German goalkeeper, battled depression for a number of years before taking his life in the fall of 2009. At the age of 32, Enke was highly regarded by his teammates and opponents. Not many of them knew of his personal suffering, which became increasingly worse after he lost his two year old daughter to a rare heart condition.

Robert Enke

Robert Enke in loving memory

One player mentioned having given Enke a hug after a game and said you would never know it by meeting him that he suffered so deeply from this problem. As the players took the field on Sunday June 13, there was a sense of sadness and loss in memory of Robert Enke. His team mates just didn’t feel the same without Robert taking the field with them. The bond, however, has made the team stronger, and they focused and brought home the win 4-0 over Australia, in loving memory of their teammate.

Enke took his own life last year by walking purposely into the path of an express train. Many knew that although Robert was not with them physically in pursuit of the World Cup 2010, he was with them in spirit. The German prototype is one of strength, especially among males who do not typically speak of their feelings and emotions. However, hopefully Enke’s death will serve as a reminder that talking about our fears, pain, and suffering can affect positive change and help us heal in hard times. Robert Enke, gone but not forgotten.

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