Chicago Fire Department

Two firefighters were killed today as they fought a huge blaze in an abandoned building. Not only were two lives lost but also 19 others were injured. This building used to house a laundry but was since left vacant. The Chicago fire department is surely feeling the loss today.

The Chicago fire department did everything they could to put out the blaze quickly and the other firefighters are very upset about the lives lost in the fire. The two firefighters that died were named Edward Stringer and Cory Ankum. When the warning call went out about firefighters being trapped in the blaze over 100 other firefighters came to the scene to help out. The Chicago fire department is overwhelmed with the love and help that has been shown to them.

The Mayor’s secretary is actually the wife of Cory Ankum, one of the firemen that was killed. The Mayor quickly returned from New York to help deal with this horrible tragedy. According to reports all of this started at 7 a.m. this morning. The Chicago fire department is thankful for all of the help and support from the residents in the area.

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