Michelle Ryan Feet

What has two feet, is married to a coach and is probably embarrassed half to death right now. Yes that is right wife of the Jet’s coach Rex Ryan! Their creepy foot video has gotten millions of views in only 1 day. Michelle Ryan feet are a hit apparently.

Even if you are not a foot lover you may feel pretty curious and eventually venture over to watch and see what’s up with the Michelle Ryan feet. Don’t feel bad if you do because you will be joining the ranks of millions of others that most likely do not have a foot fetish either – they are just curious. The video is really short at only 2 minutes and 17 seconds but it’s still creepy for those that are not into feet. These aren’t just any feet though, these are Michelle Ryan feet.

I guess that Rex Ryan found out the hard way that it’s just not a good idea to post embarrassing videos online. It’s a very small world and people are going to recognize you even if you think only a few people will be watching that could change quick. I wouldn’t be surprised if women start wearing knee high socks and closed toed shoes around him now. Who knows though, he could just be into Michelle Ryan feet.

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