Up On The Housetop

Ah the holidays are here once again, I can’t believe that it is almost Christmas. For the last two weeks we have been hearing all of our favorite songs playing on the radio and when no one is listening we might even be singing along. There are many different songs to pick from when it comes to favorites. One of the all time favorites that people will be singing and little kids will be learning is Up On The Housetop.

up on the housetopUp On The Housestop is a great Christmas song that has been filling out homes and hearts for years and years. If we have little ones we make sure that we teach them this song so it can be passed on from generation to generation. There is even a youtube video that you can watch and learn the words to the song. Soon you and your family will be around the Christmas tree singing the song Up On The Housetop.

Back in 1864 when Benjamin Hanby wrote this song I wonder if he ever thought that it would become such a big hit and a classic. The song was written in a little town called New Pair,Ohio but somehow it got out all over the United States and right into our very hearts. There are multiple singers that have recorded this song but most likely the one that you remember the most is going to be Gene Autry. Gene Autry is known for his version of the classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer as well as Up On The Housetop

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