Bianca Kajlich

Who wouldn’t love to be married to an electrifying and successful soccer player? Who wouldn’t want to be living the life of the rich and famous? There would be plenty of parties and beautiful people with which to rub elbows. Apparently Bianca Kajlich would not want to be married to such a person or have such a life or maybe she has someone else in mind to make up this great life with instead of her husband Landon Donovan.

bianca kajlichBianca Kajlich is one gorgeous girl that is for sure and has been was named in Maxim’s hot list in 2007. She has plenty of sexy photos that you are going to be able to take a look at over the web but what split this beautiful marriage? It’s so true that the life of the rich and famous can be pretty stressful when you are constantly in the public eye but who really knows what was going on. Bianca Kajlich has got a long journey ahead of her as she goes through this divorce.

This couple was married back in 2006 so this marriage has lasted a lot longer than many other marriages of celebrities. While Bianca thinks she is hot stuff she really does not have that big of a resume when it comes to acting besides for replacing Jancinda Barrett as “Sara Moyer” in Halloween Resurrection way back in 2002. What I find so funny is that they claim to still be close friends, why not just stay married then? Maybe Bianca Kajlich or Landon Donovan have someone else on their minds.

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