2011 Ohio State Football Schedule

Most likely the reason that you want to know what games are coming up is because you want to know what games Terrelle Pryor and the other suspended players are going to miss. This could cause some big problems for this team but let’s hope that it won’t effect things too much. There are still a lot of great players left on the team. The 2011 Ohio State Football Schedule is as listed below.

Ohio State Football Schedule: Akron Zips on Sept 3, Toledo Rockets Sept 10, Miami Hurricanes Sept 17, Colorado Buffaloes Sept 24 and Michigan St Spartans on Oct 1st. I hope that the perks at that tattoo parlor and the money from selling their stuff on the open market was worth missing all of these games. There is some pretty heavy competition that they are going to miss. The 2011 Ohio state football schedule is sure to be an interesting one.

One of the teams that Ohio State fans seem to be watching are the Hurricanes. They have a new coach and this seems to be something that is going to go in favor of the team. Ohio State beat the hurricanes 36 to 24 last time but this new coach may make a difference. Now you know the 2011 Ohio state football schedule.

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