NORAD Santa Tracker: Where Is Santa Claus

Oh I can just feel the Christmas spirit in the air. There are lights everywhere and tonight is when jolly old Saint Nick is going to be visiting many homes of good little boys and girls. If you want to make sure that Santa is on the way there is a way to do this. The NORAD Santa tracker has been around since about 1999 but has been increasing in popularity.

If you are wondering “Where is Santa Clause?” then you are going to love the NOARD Santa Tracker. Using google earth this tracker actually allows children of all ages (and adults) to see just where Santa is right then. No more waiting up late at night just to see if he is really coming or not. The NOARD in the NORAD Santa tracker refers to the North American Aerospace Defense Command and these guys have been taking calls and letters from kids since the 50s on a volunteer basis.

In the year 2010 it is no longer necessary to write letters to or call Santa. You can now email him and keep up to date with him on facebook, twitter and other means. You can even send Santa an email. My favorite though is still the NORAD Santa tracker.

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