Track Santa Right Now

He might be on the way and coming to your house! How do young kids and adults alike know when good old Saint Nick is coming to give them their presents? Well they simply use the NORAD Santa tracker of course. You can track Santa right now!

If you want to track Santa right now it’s really easy. All you have to do is go to the NORAD Sant tracking site and see where he is at this very moment. The service uses google earth to allow you and many others to track this jolly old fellow. It’s so much fun for kids to track Santa right now.

When you get to NORAD you will see that they not only will show you where in the world Santa is but they will also answer the dreaded question of “Is Santa real?”. You can allow your kids and their friends to enjoy this activity as Santa gets ever closer to your very home. No more wondering if the presents will be under the tree! You can track Santa right now.

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