Walmart Holiday Hours: Walmart Christmas Eve Hours

Walmart Holiday Hours: Walmart Christmas Eve Hours

Christmas is almost here. We are enjoying time with family and friends on Christmas even but then we remember that we forgot to get something at the store. Oh no, I hope that Walmart is still open! Well calm down, as of right now Walmart is still open but at 8pm you are going to find it’s closed because of Walmart holiday hours.

walmart holiday hoursWalmart holiday hours aren’t all bad however. The employees at Walmart are more than happy to find out that they do not have to work Christmas day and they get off on Christmas eve. Yes, Walmart is going to be closed on Christmas. Don’t hyperventilate though because Walmart will be open again for the 26th and Walmart holiday hours will be over for another year.

I’m not sure if they have always taken time off for the holidays but as long as I have remembered this has always been the case. I always figured that they might change it up though and start staying open so that they could make some extra profit. This time Walmart surely put workers over profit, good job Walmart! Now you know the Walmart holiday hours.


  1. John Payne says:

    There is no way that Wal*Mart would put its employees ahead of profit. It is closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day because in the past Wal*Mart found that not enough people shop at those times. Wal*Mart is ALL about the money.

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