Saharan Cheetah

Saharan Cheetah

Scientists have been on the look out for a very rare cat. Who could have been lucky enough to have gotten a picture? Someone that was smart enough to set a night time camera trap. The Saharan Cheetah is an interesting looking creature.

The Saharan Cheetah lives in the desert of Termit, Niger. These photographers searched for this big cat for over a year before they were actually able to get a photo of the elusive creature. They believe that there are only 10 left in the world. Is there anything that can be done to preserve the Saharan Cheetah?

This Cheetah is very shy and this is why it has never been photographed and there is barely anything known about it. This cheetah seems to have a different color pattern than other cheetah that live in Africa. They aren’t quite sure if it is more closely related to cheetah which live in Africa or the last remaining Asiatic cheetahs living in Iran. We are all anxious to find out more about the Saharan Cheetah.

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