Walmart Hours On Christmas Day

Hey there buddy, you think Walmart is going to be open on Christmas? I’m sorry but even if you are in dire need of an extension cord you aren’t going to be able to get in. Walmarts around the country closed at 8pm on Christmas Eve. No Walmart hours on Christmas day.

Yes, there were many people that were wishing for Walmart hours on Christmas day but that was just not going to happen. A lot of people may not have planned ahead and are now stressing out because they forgot to get someone on their list that special gift. With all of the talk about Christmas eve, you should have remembered but I guess you are just going to have to re-gift something. Sorry and the lack of Walmart hours on Christmas day.

Do you notice that people are almost raving mad that Walmart did not keep their doors open on Christmas. They seem to think that it’s their sworn duty to be there all of the time just waiting on us to come in. Yes, I feel this way too sometimes. I guess we are all going to have to get used to the lack of Walmart hours on Christmas day.

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