Restaurants Open On Christmas Day

Do restaurants ever think about the people that might not want to cook on Christmas? How about the people that don’t have anywhere to go because their family is far away? I remember driving around for hours trying to find a place to eat. I was wondering about restaurants open on Christmas day.

Finally after a while searching for restaurants open on Christmas day I settled for some gas station food and a candy cane. Needless to say that was not the best Christmas that I have ever had. What’s even better is I went down the road a little further and a Sonic was open! That is one of the restaurants open on Christmas day last year.

This year what do we have going on? If you have a Chili’s, TGI Friday’s, Golden Corral, or Denny’s then most of you are going to be in luck today. Many of these restaurants locations are going to remain open. A lot of Chinese restaurants open on Christmas day as well.

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