Santa Anita Race Track

There is so much buzz going on in the air about the changes to this racetrack. There are some people for it and some people against it. No matter what side you are on it seems that everyone is still very excited. I wonder how things will turn out at the Santa Anita race track!

The Santa Anita race track is changing things up or rather putting things back. They had been racing on a synthetic track but now they are putting it back to dirt. According to most of the experts this is going to be a great change for the track. The Santa Anita race track will have many reports coming out about how it was received soon.

What is the difference is the dirt going to make over the synthetic? It is basically going to make for a smoother ride for the jockey and the horse. There will be much less jostling about. I believe the Santa Anita race track is going to be one of the most popular tracks to race on.

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