Tina Marie: Teena Marie

We have lost another angel. With only 54 years behind her she has left us with only the work that she has done. There will be plenty to remember her by but we wish that we did not have to see her go so quickly. Tina Marie was a grammy-nominated r&b singer.

If you haven’t heard Tina Marie that is most likely because you are in the younger age bracket. She was known under a couple of other names as well. Her birthname was Mary Christine Brockert and another stage name she went by was Lady T. Tina Marie had so many talents it’s hard to remember her for just one thing.

A few of the instruments that she played were the rhythm guitar, keyboards and congas. Besides for playing instruments she also wrote, produced, sang and arranged songs. It was announced by her manager that she died in her home today. We will look out for more news on Tina Marie.

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