NJ State Of Emergency Declared

Snow and other harsh weather conditions are really slamming the East coast. It seems like there is no end in sight when it comes to this horrible weather. Snow, ice, sleet and any other type of winter mess has been going wild. There is even a NJ state of emergency declared now.

Besides for the NJ state of emergency declared there were also states of emergencies declared in Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia. Besides for the annoyance of snow and the danger of the roads there have also been flights canceled. There have actually been over 1,400 flights canceled. There are many things going on since the NJ state of emergency declared.

You are sure to see many picture of high snow banks and vehicles stuck in the snow. If you happen to be stuck in the snow you need to make sure that you keep your layers on and your vehicle heat going as long as possible. There have been some people stuck in snow for 10 plus hours. This is one of the reasons the NJ state of emergency declared.

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