Sausage king Jimmy Dean dies at 81

Jimmy Dean, the self made country singer and sausage king, died in front of the television Sunday night, June 13, while eating dinner. Dean lived in Richmond, Virginia with his wife on their 200 acre estate, where Jimmy enjoyed boating and watching the sunsets in the evening over the James River. His wife is a singer and recording artist, and told others her husband was an amazing man with many talents. Jimmy was 81 years old.

jimmy dean

Dean was a high school dropout who served in the Air Force and then moved on to become a country singer in the 1950s. He hosted CBS “The Morning Show” in the 1960s, and on most all shows Jimmy would belt out a few of his country tunes. He also appeared on ABC’s variety show known as “The Jimmy Dean Show.” Many people remember his authentic country accent and award winning smile.

Jimmy Dean started the Jimmy Dean Meat Company in 1969, and the Dean name still appears on sausage products throughout grocery stores across the country. The sausage company evolved into a million dollar business, which Dean sold to Sara Lee in 1984. Dean grew up in Texas poverty but struggled out of it and into fame with his talents and singing ability. Goodbye, Jimmy Dean; you’ll be missed.

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