If you want excitement apparently you need to go to skiing these days. The snow on the East coast has been extremely dangerous these last few days but skiers were still taking some time out to have fun. What happened was most likely not their idea of fun however. Let’s talk more about what happened at Sugarloaf.

Sugarloaf is a great ski resort in Maine. There are plenty of places to either learn to ski or to show off your skills. It’s not a wonder that there were plenty of people still braving the elements to go skiing at this resort. They most likely did not think that Spillway East lift would have to be evacuated at Sugarloaf.

According to some of the people who got off the lift the evacuation went pretty smoothly. This smoothness was far better than the rough ride that they got as the wind knocked them around. They were sitting on the lift for about 15 minutes before they were evacuated. There was a lot of excitement at Sugarloaf today.

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