Adam Sandler Dead: WRONG

Ok, now this is getting a little old. How many celebrities have died today according to all of these death hoaxes? I am going to guess that people are doing this to try and see how many people they can get to view their false post. In one of the latest posts it was written “Adam Sandler dead”.

Yeah so the statement Adam Sander dead is not true is anyway whatsoever. He did not die snowboarding in Switzerland. What a way to go though right? I’m sure glad that Adama Sander dead is not true.

There are so many funny movies that Sandler has done but I don’t think he’s done yet so I would hate to lose him in his prime. Charlie Sheen and Aretha Franklin were a couple of the other people that were said to be dead today as well. These guys beat out top, true news. So again, Adam Sandler dead is not true.

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