Tucker Carlson

Whoa whoa whoa, what is going on here? Did I just hear that someone should be executed for killing dogs? What about people killing cows, pigs and other animals to eat? I agree with Tucker Carlson that what Michael Vick did was wrong but I do not agree that he should be executed.

Tucker Carlson said that he was a Christian and believed in forgiveness. I guess that was just an exception or something. The last time that I checked the Bible I didn’t see any exceptions. Maybe Tucker Carlson should open up his Bible a little bit more.

He is all up in a tizzy because president Barak Obama is being Michael Vick and his “turn around”. Apparently Barak can do everything else wrong and not raise any eyebrows but buddy when it comes to supporting someone that killed dogs Tucker is all up in arms. Don’t get all upset with me though, I’m a dog lover myself and am not happy about any of this mess! I think Tucker Carlson is a little bonkers right now!!


  1. AR says:

    Call me crazy, but I’m just a little confused at how many people are “Still” up in arms about Mr. Vick. I love dogs too, but I’m amazed that the masses can rise up about dogs, yet do not rise up, protest, vocalize about the killing of human life that we see happening every day in this nation. every day! The authorities of law have excercised legal judgment, Mr. Vick has done his time. Yet this nation can’t let it go. But I see every day on tv humans killing humans, children being abused, tortured, molested but no masses are running around making any noise against it. God has forgiven Mr. Vick and yet many have determined that God’s ways and thoughts are subordinate to man’s. So I guess in America, forgiveness, humanity, and the life of a human is less than that of a dog. About 2 years ago we had police officer who was charged with criminal acts of dog fighting, A POLICE OFFICER!!! right here in Richmond, VA same place of Mike Vick’s trial. The story aired on the news a number of times and not once did I hear or see anything about dog lovers protesting, calling for his head or even punishment. A law enforcement officer, one who knows the law, is sworn to uphold the law and there was not a protester in sight and I bet not even one 8th of the world outside of Richmond or even the state of VA knew about it. What a world we live in, the one where we are always asking, “God Bless America” We always want God to bless us when its convenient for us, but when it comes to being a blessing, loving, and forgiving, some of us. (not all of us) but some of us can be down right selfish, and self righteous. If we all had a shake down of our own sins, not one of us would be able to cast the first stone at Mr. Vick. As Christ said, “who among you is without sin, let him cast the first stone.” Every man had to drop his rock to the ground.

  2. AR…A DOG LOVER YOU ‘AINT’..ALSO A QUESTION FOR YOU…WHAT DRUGS ARE YOU ON.??? Tucker Carlson is a deceny human being…try and learn something from him..

  3. AR…Tucker Carlson is a true gentle human being….its people like him who America needs to run their country…not ‘wimps’ that are in power at the moment.

  4. Robert Bruce says:

    AR, read the book, Vick’s Dogs, then you might understand. I don’t know about the laws where you live, but the last time I checked, it is a crime to molest children, kill people, and to commit assault. You go to jail for this stuff. As for the dogs, most of the time, it’s a little pitty pat on the head, and off they go back to what they were doing before. If you read the book, you would learn that they were not only killing the dogs, but torturing them with hammers, electrocution, and other heinous means. There were claw marks on the side of the pool where they would throw the dogs in the water, then electrocute them. When the dogs were not fighting, they were left in an open field chained to buried car axles. It was the killing fields for animals. And yeah, people get pissed off because the dogs can’t speak for themselves, and 80% of the dogs are killed because they won’t fight. It’s just sick.

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