Viveca Paulin

There are many different lists coming out right now. Right now the hottest list to be on is the top celebrity baby names. Sadly enough there is one name that is not on the list of hottest names, it’s actually on a couple of lists that are worst baby names. This name is Axel Ferrell, son of Viveca Paulin and Will Ferrell.

Axel Ferrell, are you serious? Along comes tire and undercarriage Ferrell next. Sorry to bust your bubble but your kid is probably going to change his name as soon as possible. I can’t blame this all on Viveca Paulin though because I believe Will had plenty to do with it.

Will is extremely famous but what about his wife? There are a few movies that you may have seen her in but not too many good ones really. She was on Money Talks and Night at the Roxbury. Viveca Paulin was a producer on Nail Polish as well.

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