Owen Wilson Death: Hoax Victim

Another hoax, really!? It must be nearing 10 death hoaxes that I have had to write about and let everyone know that someone is not dead. Aretha Franklin, Adam Sandler and a few other folks are still alive and well. The Owen Wilson death is the latest hoax that was sent out.

The Owen Wilson death was reported by a faux news agency called Global Associated News. Come on people, just because a site says that it has news doesn’t mean you can take their word and go tweet it all over the net. This irresponsible act has caused many actors and actresses to have to come out and show themselves so people don’t think they are death. The Owen Wilson death went along the same story line as the Adam Sandler death hoax.

What if someone really does die? Who is going to believe it after all of these hoaxes? Seriously people, you need to stop with the fake news because it’s getting old. The Owen Wilson death “news” was not funny.

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