Indiana Earthquake

There are a lot of strange things going on lately with the earth. The latest strange happening was an earthquake that happened in a odd part of Indiana. Scientists have looked over the maps for fault lines that would be nearby. The only thing that they can figure triggered the Indiana earthquake was the Sharpsville fault.

Indiana earthquakeThe was not just a small Indiana earthquake however. This earthquake was 3.8 in magnitude. Thankfully there is no major damage that has been reported as of right now and there also has not been any injuries reported either. This Indiana earthquake could have caused some damage but thankfully it was kept to a minimum.

While most of the earthquake was in Indiana it was also felt in some areas of Chicago. The last major earthquake that happened in this area of Indiana was on April 18,2008. This one was a 5.2 in magnitude. Thank goodness the Indiana earthquake that hit this time was not as bad as then.

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