Justin Bieber syphilis smear campaign

Here we go again with another internet smear campaign attempt concerning Justin Bieber syphilis victim. A Facebook page creator reportedly wrote on the page they “hoped Bieber died of syphilis.” Why the creator of the page thought this was funny no one knows. Just another instance to prove you can’t believe everything you read. It is also another reason that more controls should be put on social networking sites and page creators should be held more accountable.

Justin Beiber

This type of incident usually stems from an unhappy person (or people) being jealous and wanting to cause harm or pain to the person they are jealous of, in this case Justin Bieber. As far as whether Bieber and family will sue for defamation, they have to decide if it’s actually worth it. Also, the actual comment was that the creator “wished he (Bieber) got it (syphilis)” not that he had. The Justin Bieber syphilis smear is a hoax, and nothing more.

The less attention paid to the entire Justin Bieber syphilis incident, the better. It will blow over, and the disturbed person that wrote it will have to find something else to do because you know what? Nobody cares. Bieber does not have syphilis and we all know it; the person who wrote the comment is obviously the one left “out of the loop.” The commenter who tried to start a hoax that Bieber did have it simply shows the public at large they have NO clue what they are talking about, and Bieber’s loyal fan base will rally forth to protect him, on and off the internet. The people that start these hoaxes and smears need to “Get A Life.”


  1. nakedra says:

    If y’all gone hate on justin just don’t saw nun justin is sweet and he may feel bad because of wat y’all fans or socall fans are doing so stop doin it please

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