Crossbow Killer

There are a lot of sick and disgusting people that are out in the world. One of the latest to be convicted is most likely one of the worst that I have heard of in a long time. This is a man named Stephen Griffiths. This man is known as the Crossbow Killer or the Crossbow Cannibal.

The reason the Crossbow Killer is also called the Crossbow Cannibal is most likely just what you are thinking. Griffiths is a sick man who killed innocent women, took him to his flat, dismembered them and then cooked their remains. After cooking them he would eat their remains. The Crossbow Killer is one sick person.

His ex girlfriend Kathy Hancock calls him a coward and disgusting. At the court hearing he could not even look her or the victim’s family in the eye. Hancock is still horrified that she was ever involved with him and let him hurt her. The Crossbow Killer had broken her nose and split her life once for talking to another man at a club.

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