Sarah Bernhardt

Ever wonder what it would feel like to be the first celebrity? Marketing is what created the first celebrity. Creating an adoring following primarily started out as a way to get more recognition and jobs. Sarah Bernhardt is the bright woman who first had this idea.

Now days Sarah Bernhardt is not the only person or company that has noticed that this works rather well. Any person or company notices that you are more likely to get buyers or get someone to do something if they trust you and like you. After being the first celebrity there really isn’t much to be found out about this lady. Sarah Bernhardt seemed to be more interested in telling stories than telling the truth.

There are many different people that have looked over her life but the fact is that her account of life stories and even parents has often been found to have inconsistencies. Finally there was an English speaking book that came out about her. It is simply called Sarah. This book about Sarah Bernhardt is written by Robert Gottlieb.

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