Kansas Lottery

Would you like to be a millionaire? How about becoming a millionaire in just a few short minutes? This is what happened to a 61 year old lady from Topeka Kansas. The Kansas Lottery has made one more millionaire.

The Kansas Lottery was proud to announce it’s winning numbers for its $1 million Holiday Millionaire Raffle. When the numbers were called out there was a 61 year old woman on the other side of the screen checking out her list of tickets. She was more than shocked when she found out that she was the winner. She called her husband right away and told him she was of the $1 million winner!

Her husband is retired and she has been working for the state for 33 years. She says even though she has all of this money she still wants to work with the people and job that she loves. Now there are no more worries about retirement money because she has this nice little nest egg set back. She thanks the Kansas Lottery for it’s awesome program.

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