First Night Boston

Do you live in Boston? If you are looking for fun things to do in Boston there is plenty to do. This year marks 35 years of great fun and celebration in Boston. This awesome night is known as First Night Boston.

First Night Boston was first started in 1976 by a small group of artists who were looking for a new way to celebrate. This first celebration banned the use of alcohol which I think it’s a great place to be able to bring your kids. Soon other places around the city started having their own celebrations. From this time First Night Boston grew and grew.

In the year 2006 there were actually 1 million visitors that came to the celebrations. 1 million visitors is a huge difference from the first small gathering in 1976. Now you will be able to see fireworks, hear music, enjoy beautiful works of art and more. First Night Boston is an awesome event to check out.

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