Elaine Irwin: Calling It Quits With John Mellencamp

Well down the drain goes another marriage. Two people that “used to be in love” calling it quits. We sure do have a lot of wimps in the world today. Elaine Irwin and John Mellencamp are the latest couple to say they are splitting up.

Elaine Irwin and John Mellencamp give no apparent reason for their divorce. It just appears that they just want to take their separate paths in life at this time. No one seems to even bat an eye as another family is destroyed. Elaine Irwin and John Mellencamp have 2 teenage boys named Hud and Spec.

This couple was married 18 years and together for 20. They say that they are proud of what they have accomplished and will continue to parent their children together in Indiana. So basically things are going to be exactly the same but they don’t have to be accountable to one another anymore. Elaine Irwin and John Mellencamp are another example of the “modern family” people talk about now days.

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