Skirvin Crying Baby

Everyone is interested in the supernatural and paranormal. Some people even think those that believe in these things are a little crazy. Maybe the people that believe in these things are a little bit more sane than you think. What about the Skirvin crying baby though.

Skirvin Crying BabyThe Skirvin crying baby is supposed to be a ghost of a baby that died at the Skirvin hotel as legend goes. The legend says that a Mother holding the baby jumped from the hotel floor while holding her baby. If you ask me there was something that drove the Mother to jump and whatever it was took the place in the room using this as it’s cover. The Skirvin crying baby could be more real and freaky than you would have ever thought.

No one really likes to believe in things that go bump in the night. We always tell our kids that there are no monster in the closets and that nothing can get them when they are safe in their beds. Keep a look out and you may see more things that you could have ever imagined. In my opinion the Skirvin crying baby isn’t a baby’s ghost at all but it is real.

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