Cincinnati Arkansas: Tornado Kills 3 New Years Eve

Another natural disaster strikes in America. The other day there was a very odd earthquake in Indiana and today it’s a tornado. The heartland was rocked today a tornado and 3 were killed. Cincinnati Arkansas bore the brunt of their areal attack.

In Cincinnati Arkansas it is reported that there is damage in 3 different counties. The 3 counties that damage was reported in are Madison, Benton and Washington. Many people are out surveying the damage and trying to see what their losses were. Cincinnati will remain shaken up for a couple of more days.

This is not how they wanted to bring the new years in with a bang that is for sure. Many people were getting ready for celebrations tonight when the tornado came through the area. There are power outages and structural damages to be dealt with at this time. We are sure to hear more about the state of things in Cincinnati Arkansas soon.

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